Mark P. Walsh

579 Serra Mall · Stanford, CA 94305

I am a PhD candidate in the Economics Department at Stanford University.

Fields: Applied Microeconomics; Development Economics; Networks; Behavioral and Experimental Economics; Industrial Organization

Advisors: Arun Chandrasekhar (, Melanie Morten (, Pascaline Dupas (

Research papers

Do social image concerns affect technology diffusion? Evidence from mobile banking in Pakistan

Job Market Paper

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Informing mothers about the benefits of conversing with infants: Experimental evidence from Ghana

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Revise and Resubmit

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Intergenerational impacts of secondary education: Experimental evidence from Ghana

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Selected work in progress

Scaling two-sided markets: Evidence from a market-level randomized controlled trial on digital retail payments in Tanzania

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Algorithmic Truth Serum: Testing a novel screening method for digital workers from India

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